C++ application & library development
8+ years of industry experience building applications & libraries in modern C++ (C++11, 14, and 17).
Compiler development
Utilising experience building compilers for hardware accelerators from scratch and using cutting-edge tooling like LLVM's MLIR
C++ performance optimisation
Experienced in performance optimisation for different workloads from (soft) real-time applications such as games to large one-off applications such as compilers.
1-on-1 tutoring/assistance for C++ developers
One-off assistance with debugging a problem, or short/long term tutoring in C++ development to reach a goal. You can also get in touch over on


Tom Murray founded freefunction ltd. in early 2023. freefunction ltd. is owned and run by Tom Murray through which he provides software engineering services.
Tom Murray Bristol, UK

Tom is a software engineer with 8+ years of experience primarily developing C++ libraries and applications.

Previously working on compilers for machine learning on the IPU at Graphcore, and porting games to macOS and other platforms at Feral Interactive. CV Github LinkedIn codementor
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